Dr. Ido Baum

Academic Director

Dr. Baum heads the Brandeis Institute. He is an Associate Professor (Israeli Senior Lecturer) at the Haim Striks Faculty of Law at the College of Management where he has been teaching since 2008. He served in several positions in the faculty, including Vice Dean from 2015 to 2019. Dr. Baum’s research and teaching focuses on law and economics, corporate and financial Law, securities regulation, civil procedure and media law. He was a visiting professor and researcher in various institutions including Georgetown University, University of Seville, Ronald Coase Institute, Warsaw School of Economics, Peking University School of Transnational Law and the European Masters Programme in Law and Economics in the University of Hamburg. Dr. Baum earned his doctoral degree from the Institute for Law and Economics at Hamburg University (summa cum Laude) and he holds a Master degree in Law and Ecocomics from the European EMLE programme and an LLM and LLB from Tel Aviv University. Before joining the law faculty, he was spokesperson of the Israeli Ministry of Justice and later served as the legal assistant for economic and fiscal affairs to the Israeli Attorney Gebnneral Elyakim Rubinstein. He was also a lawyer frothe Clams resolution Tribunal in Zurich, resolving claims regarding pre-WWII bank accounts in Swiss banks. Dr. Baum has more than 30 years of experience in journalism and since 2008 he is the in-house legal affairs commentator for the financial newspaper TheMarker.

Dr. Efrat Dressler

Senior Researcher

Dr. Efrat Dressler is a senior researcher at the Brandeis Institute. Her research expertise is in Corporate governance, Corporate finance, Institutional investors, Voting behavior, Behavioral finance, as well as household finance of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish. Her papers were published in prestigious academic journals such as Journal of Corporate Finance and Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Dressler has earned her Ph.D. in Finance from the Jerusalem Business School – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and spent her postdoctoral fellowship at Wharton Business School – The University of Pennsylvania. She has been lecturing finance classes since 2012 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Efrat is also a Financial Risk Manager (earned from GARP – Global Association of Risk Professionals) and a researcher at the Ultra-Orthodox program of the Israeli Democracy Institute.

Adv. Anat Sorek

Senior Research Fellow

Anat Sorek, Attorney at law, joined Brandeis Institute after serving as a senior legal associate to the President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Judge Esther Hayut, for three years. Prior to that, Anat worked as a law apprentice and Adv. Anat Sorek joined the Brandeis Institute after serving as a senior legal assistant to the President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Judge Esther Hayut, for three years. Before that, Anat worked as an intern and a lawyer in the intellectual property and litigation department at the S. Horowitz law firm for five years. Anat holds a bachelor's degree (with honors) and a research master's degree (with distinction) in law from Bar Ilan University. Her thesis, supervised by Prof. Jacob Nussim, dealt with public financing for innovation. Anat wrote together with Prof. Nussim an article on tax incentives for innovation that was published in the Virginia Law Review journal and appeared at international conferences in the field of law and economics where she presented the research. During her studies, Anat won scholarships and prizes, including first prize in a national competition on behalf of the Patent Authority for writing an outstanding article in the field of patents and antitrust law; First prize in the Prof. Edelman competition for writing an outstanding article in the field of patents at Bar Ilan University; Scholarship for participation in an international workshop for outstanding economics and law students on behalf of the Ronald Coase Institute, and more.

Adv. Ira Hardy

Senior Research Fellow

Ira Hardy is a senior researcher at the Brandeis Institute. Ira's research combines constitutional and administrative law with concepts drawn from political economy, public administration, and media.

Ira has been working as a commercial and administrative litigation lawyer for the past 7 years at S. Horowitz & co., and specializes in the fields of administrative law, economic regulation, competition, energy and higher education.

Ira holds a bachelor's degree (Magna Cum Laude) in law and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During his law studies, Ira was included in the dean's list of honorees and took part in the prestigious student exchange program at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Lior A. Goldman

Administrative Manager

Lior A. Goldman-Shmilovich is a research student in The Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies. Lior has an LL.B from the college of management academic studies (Magna Cum Laude). Lior won several scholarships during her academic studies, including the Hammer Scholarship. She is an experienced legal editor (law journals; books; legal blogs). She works as a teaching assistant in both Tel Aviv University and the college of management academic studies. Lior has several publications that were accepted for publishing, individually and with Dr. Ido Baum. Her main research interest is Public Law Theory. Her particular area of focus is free speech theory.